Premature Baby Clothing

Babies can be born prematurely for a variety of reasons such as: multiple pregnancies i.e. twins, triplets etc.  About a third of premature births happen for no known reason. It may be that an infection in the womb triggered the delivery. While there are many different reasons why a baby may be born early the need for functional and appealing premature baby clothes continues to grow. Years ago parents of premature babies had to make do with dressing their little ones in ill-fitting dolls clothes, thankfully now there is a wide range of clothing suitable for premature babies and those of a low birth weight.

When buying premature baby clothes, practicality is the real key. This means you should focus more on the actual needs of your baby. Since you are likely to be staying in the hospital for quite some time, invest in some nightgowns, mittens, booties, hats, burp cloth, muslin squares and nappies.

Check with your hospital as to their preference regarding fastenings on clothing as some hospitals prefer plastic fastenings or even Velcro as it means the baby doesn’t have to be undressed for X-rays as plastic fastenings do not show up on X-rays unlike metal press studs. You don’t need a huge amount of clothing, as long as you have all the basics.

Premature Baby Clothing

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