Reading to Babies & Young Children With Bookstart

Reading to your baby is one of the most significant gifts you can ever give as it:-

  • gives experience of different types of language, rhythms and sounds
  • research shows that pre-school children who are exposed to plenty of language (books and conversation) tend to do better at school
  • it teaches about many topics which wouldn’t come up in conversation
  • it is a wonderful way to bond with your child
  • it is very calming

It’s well known that the first few years of life are the most important in terms of learning and development. The stimuli we are exposed to during this time helps to lay the neural foundations for more complex learning as we grow. Reading with your baby helps to stimulate almost all aspects of development which is perhaps why children whose parents regularly read to them seem to have enhanced learning and behavioural skills compared to those who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy this experience.

Bookstart Packs

Free Books

Bookstart aims to give free packs of books to every baby in the UK.

These packs are designed to inspire, stimulate and create in children a love of reading that will give them a flying start in life.

The Bookstart website provides parents and carers with information about receiving your packs, activities to do with your children, events happening in your area and a range of other resources to help you enjoy sharing books with your child.

All Bookstart packs are now free to parents and children through different schemes in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They are supplied to parents through our gifting partners such as health visitors, libraries and early years settings. Childminders and other early years professionals may purchase packs for their own use.

Contact details:

Tel: 020 8516 2995


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