Chiggs Baby Wheels

We are happy to announce the arrival of Chiggs Wheels

Watching a sleep-deprived family member of friend trying to remember when they last fed their screaming baby is very unsettling and up till recently this was a worldwide occurrence, luckily Chiggs have come to the rescue.

The Chiggs Baby Feed Wheel helps parents of newborn babies by keeping track of feeding times, they simply set the dial to record the last feed time and are provided with an instant reminder. A clever idea to help parents during those sleep deprived first few months.

The Baby Feed Wheel is available in blue, pink and lemon, and has “To” and “From” on the reverse and is supplied with its own envelope in a clear cellophane wrapper. The Baby Feed Wheel makes an ideal gift for parents of premature babies who may need feeding every two hours or so and for parents of twins or even triplets.

A really helpful present to receive on the birth of a new baby, the Baby Feed Wheel also makes a lovely maternity or “leaving to have a baby” gift.

Baby Feed Wheels

The Baby Medicine Wheel is designed to give peace of mind as it helps parents keep track of baby’s medicine times. Parents set the dial to record when baby is given his or her medicine, and the Baby Medicine Wheel provides a reminder for when the next dose is due. Each Baby Medicine Wheel is sealed with an envelope in a clear cellophane wrapper with a “left blank for your own message” insert.

Babies Last Medicine

The Get Well Wheel records the time medicine is taken, providing a reminder of when the next dose is due. With a design modelled on the traditional parking disc, you just set the dial to record the time of your baby’s last dose of medicine.

With an envelope provided, the Get Well Wheel is a thoughtful and useful get-well-soon card. It makes a lovely gift for a friend or relative who is taking regular medication. It’s also ideal for keeping track of older children’s medicine times.

  • Recommended in Practical Parenting, Pregnancy & Birth and the Sunday Express magazines
  • Printed and hand-finished in the UK
  • Dimensions: approx. 12½ cm square

Get Well Soon - Time of Last Medicine

Chiggs Wheels are available via our online shop and cost only £3.25 making them a useful and affordable gift

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