What to buy for a new baby


Baby vests / bodysuits x 6
Babygro’s / sleepsuits x 6
Cardigans x 3
Socks x 2
Hat x 2
Scratch mittens x 2

Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies x 12 – 24 depending on how often you do a nappy wash
Nappy liners – either disposable or cloth that can be washed and used again
Wet bag – to put used nappies in when you’re out and about
Nappy bucket

When it comes to cloth nappies there are a variety of styles:

All in one nappies – AIOs are just what their name implies- a nappy system where the soaker material and waterproof outer layer are combined into one piece. They go on and off with the same ease of their disposable nappy counterpart.

Pocket Nappies – Again, the name describes the main feature of these nappies. The waterproof outer is sewn to a synthetic liner, creating a pocket where the soaker material is inserted. These nappies may also fasten with Velcro or poppers. New popular One-Size designs allow parents to customise the rise to fit babies from birth to toddler hood. The advantage of pocket nappies is the ability to add more absorbency if required.

Flat Nappies – Flat nappies are the terry or flannelette squares we all know. They are quick to dry and remain the cheapest way to cloth nappy your baby. They are not as absorbent as modern cloth nappy options.

Prefolds – are the next step up from flat nappies. They are a rectangular shape with three panels; the middle panel is made up with more layers for extra absorbency. Prefolds are a great economical option and are often used for the newborn stage with frequent changes.

Disposable Nappies

Large quantity of different sized nappies – cost more to use than cloth nappies
Nappy bags – to put dirt nappies in before placing in the bin

Toiletries & Bathing Equipment

Cotton wool – on a roll is usually the cheapest option
Baby Soap – ordinary soap may irritate your baby’s skin
Baby wipes – water is fine and cheap, however wipes are more convenient
Barrier (nappy) cream – to help prevent nappy rash
Baby body and hair wash
Washcloth x 2
Talcum powder
Cotton buds
Moisturising cream
Sun cream
Changing mat
Top and Tail bowl
Baby Bath (optional) – a large bowl will do as long as it is not metal
Changing bag – to carry all nappy changing equipment when you’re out
Towels x 2 – The softer the better

Bottle Feeding

Baby Milk
Bottle warmer
Muslin Squares x 12
Burp Cloths x 6
Bibs x 12

Breast Feeding

Pump (required only if you don’t intend expressing by hand)
2-4 feeding bottles to store your expressed milk
Storage bags, if freezing the milk
Sterilising equipment for the pump, bottles and teats
V-Shaped Feeding Pillow
Nipple Shields
Bottle Warmer (optional)
Muslin Squares x 12
Burp Cloths x 6
Bibs x 12

Other Equipment

Carrycot / Mosses basket – You might find that it’s easier to have one up stairs and one down stairs, as this will save you having to bring it up and down the stairs every day.
Sheets x 4
Blankets x 6
Car seat – one piece of equipment you need before your baby is born even if you don’t own a car. If you are having your baby in hospital and are going home by car, you will need to put baby in a car seat. Hospital staff might want to check you have one. Choosing the right car seat for your baby’s age and weight is very important. You must also make sure that it is properly installed. If a car seat doesn’t seem to fit your car perfectly, or if it seems difficult to fasten in place, do not buy it. Some seats work better in some models of cars than others. Try before you buy.

Baby Sling – Promotes Skinship. In Japan, the closeness between mother and child is so much a part of the culture that there’s a word for it:………… Skinship.

Pram – There is a wide variety of prams and travel systems available, I would suggest taking a look at all the different varieties and choose one that best suits your lifestyle.

Please visit prem2pram bumps to burps and everything in between

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Baby Car Seats
    Feb 28, 2010 @ 11:32:04

    Good post, its always good to have a list of products that you need prior to birth, this makes things much easier!


  2. loulouand2
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 11:03:51

    I totally agree. Especially love it that Cloth Nappies appear first on the list! I bought mine from Perfectly Happy People and I love them! Go Green Nappies!


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