Sock Monkeys on Babies Clothing

Traditionally a sock monkey was a toy made from a sock that was created to look like a monkey. The sock monkey’s forerunner originated in the Victorian era, when the obsession for imitation stuffed animals swept across Europe and into North America, these early stuffed monkeys were not always made from socks, they also lacked the characteristic red lips of today’s popular sock monkeys.

Image1Sock Monkey 2 Sock Monkey 3 Sock Monkey 5Sock Monkey 6 Sock Monkey 7

In 1869 John Nelson patented the sock-knitting machine and began manufacturing work socks in 1890. The iconic sock monkeys were made from red-heeled socks, this red heel gave the monkeys their distinctive mouth.

Sock Monkey 8 Sock Monkeys 9 Sock Monkey Fireman 10 Sock Monkey Fireman 11 Sock Monkey 12Sock Monkey Fireman 13

Continuous popularity of the sock monkey convinced the city of Rockford, Illinois to embrace the doll as a part of its history and in 2005 Rockford held its first “Sock Monkey Madness Festival”, while simultaneously opening an exhibit highlighting the industrial, legal, and creative history of the Nelson red heel sock and the sock monkey.  The festival has since become an annual event that draws nearly 1,500 individuals and continues to grow in attendance each year.

Sock Monkey Policeman 14 Sock Moneky Policeman 15 Sock Monkey Policeman 16 Sock Monkey Heart 17Sock Monkey Winter 18 Sock Monkey Clover 19 Sock Monkey Graduate 20 Sock Monkey Heart 22 Sock Monkey Heart 21 Sock Monnkey Heart 23

The above sock monkey embroidery designs are just a few samples of the various embroidery designs that can be embroidered on to any garment of your choice, they make an ideal choice for embellishment on baby clothes.  Please note we do not sell embroidery designs, we purely sell the finished garment, see our website for further details and or to order a sock monkey embroidered garment.

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