Thrifty Thursday – Freebies for mothers and babies

Today I am concentrating on freebies for mothers and babies, well when you consider that your little bundle of joy could cost you over £8,000 in the first year I think you’ll agree you could use all the freebies you can lay your hands on.

Health In Pregnancy grant. If you’re a mum-to-be the Government will now give you £190 called the Health in Pregnancy Grant. The money is to help you with your wider costs in the run up to your baby’s birth. Find out more here.

Child Benefit. You can claim Child Benefit as soon as your baby is born. You’ll get £20 a week for your eldest/only child, and an extra £13.20 for any additional children. It’s not means-tested, so you can claim it no matter what your income is. Find out more here.

Free magazine. Get a free copy of Bumps & Babies magazine. The latest issue has advice on pregnancy, coping with pain in labour and breastfeeding. Fill in the form here for a free copy.

Free clothes and baby equipment. A variety of good quality items available for those on a low income from the charity Care Confidential. Here’s a list of centres offering free clothes and baby equipment.

Free baby soothing cream. Fill in this form to get a free sample of Johnson’s Baby Soothing Naturals cream, which relieves dry skin.

Free Mini Ulti 0+ months soother. Give your baby a treat of this free soother from mambaby

Free feeding spoon and coupons. Courtesy of bebivita

Music For Babies Download free albums for babies and toddlers arranged by Dr. Norman M. Weinberger, a renowned neurobiologist, and Jimmie Haskell, a 3-time GRAMMY® award winner.

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