Going Home Packs for Premature Babies

When a baby arrives prematurely undoubtedly they require a great amount of care and attention whilst in the hospital, however when the time comes for baby to go home parents are faced with new challenges.

The charity Bliss works for improving care of premature babies and works with their families, researchers and med

ical experts. This support continues with help and advice once parents and babies leave hospital.

Going Home Packs from Bliss Going Home Pack

In conjunction with Fairy Non Bio and Pampers, Bliss now issues the ‘Going Home Pack’, which is specially made for the parents taking their premature babies home.

The Going Home Pack contains a huge range of really useful information which should help you as you make that important transition to caring for your baby at home. The main booklet, called Going home: The next big step, will give you an overview of the things you are likely to have questions about – from sleeping and feeding, to follow-up

appointments and how to travel by car. The booklet will then direct you to other booklets in the Pack that will provide you with more specific information on subjects including:

A newborn breastfeeding

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Financial advice
Helpful facts for parents

For more about the Bliss ‘Going Home Pack’ go to www.bliss.org.uk.

For premature baby clothes and personalised baby gifts please visit prem2pram

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