Stocking Fillers For Premature Babies and Toddlers

It has been many years since I had a baby in the house and things sure have changed in baby gear land since then. When it comes to Christmas it can be an expensive time for families and no matter how young their offspring they want their little ones to enjoy Christmas and part of that enjoyment is the opening of presents.

For those who find themselves with a delightful yet unexpected early Christmas present we have some gorgeous premature baby clothes; yes I’m talking about those find themselves with a premature baby in the family.

Premature Baby Sleepsuit Sizes: 1-2lbs, 2-3lbsPremature Babygro

This gorgeous sleepsuit has been specifically designed for premature babies with easy side and front openings enabling medical access and very safe and delicate dressing of the baby. The sleepsuit opens up fully at the shoulders so that the baby can be placed onto the back panel of the garment and the front panel brought forward and over the baby to simply fastened over and around it.

The sleepsuit and is made from 100% cotton (so soft it is suitable for babies with eczema) in a very delicate mini stripe blue or pink, washable at 40°C. The fasteners are safe and suitable for incubator babies and are nickel free.  Sizes include 1-2lbs and 2-3lbs.  At just £6.45 they make a lovely practical gift.


White Premature Baby Sock CupCakesThese delightful little cup cakes make wonderful and unique Christmas presents for Parents of premature babies. At just £2.85 they are not only affordable they make an ideal stocking filler. Each cupcake consists of one Lemon Silicone Bake ware Cup Case, one pair premature baby socks in white size 000. Each socks is hand rolled, no band or fabric glue is used, once rolled the pair of socks are placed into a coordinated silicone bake ware cup case and presented in a white gift box.

Babies personalised sleepsuitOur personalised sleepsuits are made from 100% soft cotton rib and come embroidered with your baby’s first name, they make a lovely Christmas present and once your baby has outgrown the sleepsuit it can be put away as a lovely keepsake. Read what our customers have to say about our personalised sleepsuits

Baby musical boxAffordable stocking fillers that are not only practical but also eye-catching can help keep the cost of Christmas down.  Our Baby Girl – Baby Boy wind up musical Sentiments by Regency comes complete with a ceramic angel bear and at just £2.99 they make inexpensive stocking fillers for a new baby.


Lollipop washclothslollipop plain white bib

Our gorgeous baby ‘lollipops’ make fun and practical gift ideas for babies and toddlers; they come beautifully wrapped and at just £1.50 make an adorable stocking filler or baby shower gift. Each lollipop gift consists of a plastic baby spoon and soft washcloth or a baby bib and feeding spoon.


Babies Silver Plated Keep Sake

For those of you who might also have a christening coming up our lovely silver plated and ivory keepsake box is perfect for keeping babies hospital bands, first curl and first tooth safe and at £11.99 makes an ideal Christening or Christmas present.  Read what our customers have to say about our silver plated and ivory keepsake box

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