The Dangers of personalised children’s clothing

Personalised baby clothes are not only trendy they look beautiful and make a wonderful keepsake of your baby’s tender years.  However once your child is able to walk personalised clothing can be very dangerous.  If your child is out playing and a paedophile spots your child wearing a T-shirt or jumper with his or her name on it, he or she can then call your child over and your child might think, “oh he or she knows my name they must know me”.

Don’t give paedophiles access to your child’s name, don’t let children wear any item with their name on.  Explain to all family members the dangers that personalised clothing can pose to children and ask them not to give children any personalised items.   At prem2pram we offer personalised baby clothes from newborn to 12 months, for the reasons specified above we do not offer personalised clothing for children over 12months old.

Personalised Babygro

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