Parents of premature or ill babies needed for study

What is BabyTalk Clan?

When a baby is in Neonatal Intensive Care or Special Care, support from family and friends can help parents to cope better with the experience. Their practical and emotional support can make a real differen

ce. But it can be difficult for parents to get in touch with everyone that they know, to give them updates about the baby. For example, parents may

be too upset to talk, too busy, or they may even be unwell themselves.

BabyTalk Clan is a new computer system that is designed to take some of the strain out of updating family and friends. It can send out messages on behalf of parents to family and friends, giving updates about how the baby is doing. The messages are based on medical information about the baby, and adapted to how close a person is to the parents. Parents can check the message content before a message is sent if they want to.

What is this research study about?

The purpose of this study is to get parents, friends and family to try out the new computer system, and tell us what they think of it.

What does the study involve?

We will ask participants to tell us how easy the system is to use, and whether the updates produced for friends and family are easy to understand and contain the right amount of information. We also want to know if participants think that the system will be useful to parents who have a sick baby in the future, and their friends and family.

The study should take no longer than 40 minutes.

Are there any requirements for the study?

Yes. You must be:

  • The parent of a baby that was in NICU or SCBU in the last 10 years, or a friend or relative.
  • Living in or around Dundee, Angus, Tayside, Fife or Aberdeenshire.

We encourage entire families to get involved!

Is there a participant information sheet that I can look at?

This will be available soon.

How can I participate in this study?

If you wish to participate in this study please contact Wendy Moncur by Telephone: 01382 386538 or by email:

Wendy can visit you at home, or you can come to the University of Aberdeen to take part. The study will run from December 2009 until February 2010.

Source: BabyTalk Family: Research Study

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