Classteels Precious Bundles Reborn Artist: Jan Bates

Hi, my name is Jan Bates and proud to be the mother of five adorable children. A couple of years ago, whilst searching for a doll for a child’s birthday, i came across reborn babies and was instantly captivated by them. I was so enthralled i began to research them and was amazed by the amount of hard work and effort that goes into the development of these tiny bundles of joy.

Reborn by Jan Bates

This art is appreciated by many different people and feel very touched by how these tiny reborn babies can help some peoples emotional difficulties. It’s amazing how these lifelike beautiful reborns are brimming with love and have captured my heart and all their new mummy’s too.  This work gives me great pleasure and happiness to complete each new little bundle that i create.  Jan Bates.x.

If you’d like to see more of Jan’s beautiful reborn babies or would like a reborn of your very own then please visit her website Classteels Precious Bundles

If you’re looking for clothes for you precious reborn babies please visit prem2pram the premature baby store

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