NICU Baby Clothing

Why doesn’t your neonatal intensive care unit baby clothing have feet in them?

A good question and the reason is because babies may require a number of tests or procedures during their time on the unit, for example the taking of blood.

Premature babies often have their blood-checked for infections, blood sugar levels, anaemia and jaundice etc.  Blood is taken from a heel prick or from an arterial line.

If the babies clothing had feet in then the nurse would have to remove the garment, however with our sleepsuits only the socks or booties need to be removed, thus making the whole procedure quick and less intrusive.

Premature Baby Clothes

Why does your NICU clothing fasten down the front?

All babies require a certain amount of liquids as well as sugar and salt through out the day and if these requirements are not being met then the baby may require a tube inserted into their stomach or an intravenous drip via a vein usually located on the back of the hand or foot.

With garments that pull over the head it makes the whole process much more intrusive, however if the baby is wearing clothing that fastens down the front the procedure can be carried out without the baby having to be undressed.

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