Born Too Soon, So they say!

Safe and warm in my mother’s womb
Suddenly trauma as I’m born into this room
My mother pleads as the medics resist
No doctor, no nurse, no one will assist
Eerie silence no one comes to our aid
“Your baby was born too soon I’m afraid”
“Guidelines say before 22 weeks no medical care”
Why and how was it decided, that’s so unfair!
Breathing on my own, moving these limbs of mine
I want to live as my parents hope I will be fine

Alas no doctor, no medical help here for me
At 21 weeks I’m not viable you see
A few hours have passed since my untimely birth
For my parents this is a living hell on earth
As my body gets colder, finding it harder to breathe
The night passing by it’s nearly Christmas Eve
Now drifting slowly into a never ending sleep
My parents are in turmoil, alone they now weep

At 21 weeks I might have survived
If medical intervention had not been deprived
No certificate marks my life, not birth or death
Officially I never gasped not even one breath
No funeral to help my family grieve
Humanity with false hope they do deceive

© 2009 Sue Edmondson


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