DIY – Homemade Baby Wipes

We use an awful lot of baby wipes in our house and being part of an environmentally conscious family I have decided to make our own. I would have made washable wipes if there had been any suitable spare material in my stash, however as there isn’t I will be using the everyday items I do have to hand.  I will be recycling a 2 in 1 washing tablet container, however you can use any suitable container you have around the house.

Materials required:

Paper Towels: these must be the Plenty brand previously known as Bounty
Baby Wash or Baby bath Lotion
Cutting board
Serrated knife
Measuring cup
Table measuring spoon
Plastic tub with sealable lid

Materials required to make your own baby wipes

Cutting the paper towel roll in halfPlace the paper towel roll on the cutting board and carefully cut it in half

Baby wash

Bring water and baby wsh to the boilMeasure two cups of water and two tablespoons of baby wash into a saucepan; bring this solution to the boil

Remove centre rollAfter a few seconds the cardboard in the middle will soften and you can pull it out

Centre of baby wipesPull the first baby wipe up slightly from the centre of the roll and hey presto you now have a container of homemade baby wipes.

Please note: Since writing the above article it has come to light that many well known baby products contain cancer causing chemicals, therefore we can not recommend Johnson’s Baby Bath be used when making your own baby wipes.


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