The making of a premature babies sleepsuit

First I laid out my fabric and cut all the pieces required to make the sleepsuit.

Pram embroidery design on a premature babies sleepsuit

During the second stage the pram design was embroidered onto the left hand side of the front of the sleepsuit.

Overlocking a sleepsuit

The third stage involved the pieces being overlocked together and adding the wash care label.

Fixing poppers to sleepsuit

Stage Four I measured and marked out where the poppers would be positioned, then using a foot operated press I added each popper to the sleepsuit.

Fabric to protect baby’s soft and delicate skin

Then during the final stage of completing the garment I added the protective fabric onto the embroidered design to the inside of the sleepsuit.  This is very important as it prevents the embroidery design from irritating the baby’s soft and delicate skin.

premature baby sleepsuit

Pink and Lilac premature babies Sleepsuit

Hey presto the sleepsuit is finished, ready to be wrapped securely, added to stock and made available for sale.

To see more of our premature baby clothing range please visit prem2pram

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