Micro Preemies & NICU Clothing

A micro preemie is usually born before 23 weeks gestation and is considerably small in size.  Micro preemies experience various difficulties such as immature lungs, cerebral haemorrhaging, an underdeveloped digestive system resulting in feeding difficulties, high risk of infection, severe anaemia, neurological delays, physical handicaps, and long term health issues. Due to the many problems associated with micro preemie babies medical intervention is required to keep them alive and therefore any clothing needs to allow easy access for the connection of IV’s, fingertip pulse oximeters, ventilators, nasal CPAP’s, temperature probes, gastric tubes etc.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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**External pulse oximeters are on the whole designed to work accurately on White Caucasian infants.  Readings obtained from African/Asian infants can be adversely affected by the pigmentation of their skin.  This is due to the method used by most pulse oximeter devices.  Highly skilled medical staff are aware of the differences that may occur and thus be able to allay any fears or worries anxious parents of these infants might have of the readings being displayed.

With this in mind Prem2Pram has just launched the Micro Preemie NICU shirt and incubator hat to fit micro preemies from 1-3lbs.

NICU Premature Baby Clothing

NICU Baby Clothing

Prem Clothing

Please visit Prem2Pram our online premature baby store to see our full range of clothing and accessories.

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