You’re Pregnant Heather – Part One

OK… walking to work one day and sort of out of NO WHERE… I was sick all over the pavement, right in front of someone’s house!  “Oh the shame” I thought and put it down to my cooking the night before.  Scootling off down the road so I wasn’t late for work – little did I know this was the beginning of my ‘icky mornings’ for the next God knows how many weeks!

Still unaware of the little being (if you can even class it thus at this stage) I slumped over the sofa after work watching Deal or No Deal finding myself utterly exhausted and thinking.   ‘Hmmm… what to have to eat’… which usually results in my cooking the most luxurious food imaginable and sitting myself on the rug in front of the TV to eat it… Mouth watering and totally overwhelmed by such lovely food I would wolf down the first two mouthfuls and then push the plate away to let the rest go cold and later be scraped in the bin.  It was at this stage (as it happened EVERY meal time) I thought that my food loving self had gone TOTALLY CRAZY and thought I will make a doctors appointment to see if everything’s OK.

SO… the Doctor looks at me a bit strange “Ok, so you’re feeling down?” he says. I admit, yes, I’m feeling rather down and have done for some time. Was it work, was it my home life? We didn’t know.  What I did know was that I had not had a period for 13 months, therefore was probably taking after my Mum with her polycystic ovaries.  Having mentioned this to the Doctor, he sent me to the War Memorial hospital to have a blood test.  To see if I had this condition and if it was treatable before it caused me to become infertile!.. So now your thinking… HOW IRONIC!!  Then the phone call comes “Heather.. “ “Speaking” I say.  “Your test results are here, would you like to bob in to see your local GP, he’s at the War Memorial until 3pm”…  My Doctor looked at me, a student was there as well to whom I had given permission for her to be in the room for training purposes, me my Nana by my side. “We tested you for polycystic ovaries because there was some concern and I’d like to tell you that you are able to conceive (long pause) you’re pregnant Heather, were you aware”.. “Well I did wonder” was the only thing I could manage to say and that was the end of that!

As daft as it may sound, after my episode at the Doctors I didn’t feel particularly overwhelmed, happy, or excited; instead, I find myself in the chemist, buying a pregnancy test, you’d never guess the result… it was positive!!!!


As the days plodded on with the normal routine of things (now including several naps a day, being sick in the morning and after ATTEMPTING to eat tea) I decided to take the next step.  So my mum, my fiancé and I drive up to Macclesfield District Hospital for my dating scan.  Now the nerves kick in, I have a dry mouth, the sweaty palms, this is where I see my blob for the first time…  Only it wasn’t a blob… it was a BABY!  “awww” my mum cooed, “Wow!” Mark says.  The Sonographer says, “How far along do you think you are?”  To which my reply was approximately 7 weeks! How mistaken was I, I was actually 13 weeks and 3 days.

Ultrasound Scan

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