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Every Friday on Twitter you will see tweets such as #FF @Prem2Pram @eljay1980 @swirlyarts @CarLisaCrafts.  Yes follow Friday is an excellent way to recommend other people to follow on Twitter. However far too many people post their #FF’s with very little thought, often they see someone else’s #FF and copy and paste it as their own.  Some tweeters even believe that if they don’t post an #FF for someone who has posted one for them, that next week they won’t be on that person’s #FF.

I’m sure Follow Friday was intended to give others recommendations of interesting people to follow and not some form of popularity contest.  I myself have been guilty of posting #FF’s without always giving a reason as to why the person merits such a recommendation.

You can’t always judge a book by its cover and the same applies to people.  It is very difficult to make decisions based on one or two tweets.  Which is why any recommendation to follow someone should be backed up with a brief but honest reason as to why they are worthy of your interest.

So this coming Friday instead of sending out 140 characters consisting of just usernames, I will be nominating one or maybe two people to follow with a brief description stating why I feel others would find their tweets interesting.

For example:

@CarLisaCrafts an extraordinary passionate woman, having suffered the loss of her own baby William, she offers support to grieving parents.

*139 characters including spaces

Why not visit CarLisaCrafts Blog:

Join her on facebook:

Visit and bookmark her website:

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