Health bosses have announced improvements in the care of premature babies for the East Midlands.

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Each year around 5,500 premature and sick babies in the east midlands require specialist neonatal care.

A review of the nine primary care trusts in the East Midlands identified areas for immediate improvement.

£1.7million has been invested in a new specialist transport service so premature babies can be quickly and safely transported to the most appropriate unit.

The specialist centres at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham and the Leicester Royal Infirmary will continue to treat the smallest and sickest babies, with the other neonatal units across the region caring for babies according to their needs.

Health bosses have said this will ensure the highest level of care is given to babies that require it most

Dr Andy Leslie, nurse consultant for the new neonatal transport service said: “The investment in transport means we will be able to transfer babies between hospitals without taking away nurses and doctors from the neonatal units where they are needed to provide care.

“The new transport service will help us make sure that we can transport sick babies for specialist care at the time they need it, and get babies who are getting better closer to home as quickly as possible.”

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