A laypersons comparison of printing versus embroidery

The difference between printed clothing and embroidered clothing might at first glance seem obvious, however.

Printing is a process that uses inks that are applied to clothing.  Commonly printed articles of clothing include t-shirts, bibs and sleepsuits. The process is called printing because ink is pushed through onto the garment creating a finished design. Some advantages of printing over embroidery are that you can create high-end designs with shading and gradients and if you have a large print run of the same item it is fairly inexpensive per article printed.  However, printed designs start to fade from the first time the garment is washed and by the time the garment has been washed twenty or more times the ‘print’ can be so badly faded that the design is barely visible.

Embroidery uses a process where thread is stitched into the fabric of the product.  Some of the more popular items that embroidery is used for include sleepsuits, baby blankets and corporate wear.  Through the use of embroidery you can create a more professional look, which will have greater longevity in use than articles printed using inks.  It can sometimes be difficult to get very small text to sew out well using embroidery due to the limitations of needle and threads with the properties of the fabric being used.  Embroidery is a little more expensive than printing, however, like printing the price decreases with the more items you do of the same design.  Modern embroidery machines have been developed with multiple heads that will allow you to embroider 2, 4, 6 or even 10 pieces at a time, thus saving on the costs to set up each design.   Resulting in savings that can be passed along to the customer!  The number of stitches in the design and the number of pieces being embroidered usually determine embroidery pricing.  Unlike prints embroidered designs do not fade as rapidly, therefore the garment remains desirable for longer and can even been passed on to siblings once the baby has outgrown the garment.  Thus making embroidered baby clothing excellent value for money.

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