Starting Life in NICU

In 2006 Rachel’s son was born prematurely with an underlying heart condition, as he was seriously ill he was immediately admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit, NICU where he spent the next four weeks of his tiny vulnerable life.

One of the nurses on the unit advised Rachel to keep a record of her son’s progress and of her own thoughts and feelings; the nurse gave Rachel a blank notebook and pen. That simple notebook quickly became very important to Rachel.

Rachel said “that notebook holds the most precious memories and milestones that my ‘normal’ baby record book did not have pages for, for example on his ‘1st’ photo he was on CPAP with cardiac monitors, lines and NG tube. I didn’t have my 1st cuddle until he was 10 days old, his 1st bath was given by a nurse on NICU and we spent his 1st Christmas on the unit.”

So the idea for STARTING LIFE IN NICU was born to give other parents who are going through the same experience somewhere to record the highs and lows of their NICU journey and on through the 1st year enabling them to reflect back on this time in their lives.
The journal comes in an oversized keepsake box to enable the storage of the various items used by your baby whilst in NICU

So if a loved one is going through the heart wrenching experience of their baby being in NICU then the journal “Starting Life In NICU” will allow them to record every tiny milestone in their babies life.

To purchase your copy of the baby journal please visit Tiny Little Baby The journal costs just £12.99 + P&P with a donation from each journal sold going to charities supporting families with babies in special care.

For NICU baby clothing and premature baby clothes in sizes to fit premature babies from 1 lb upwards please visit Prem2Pram

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