Premature baby store offers the fastest delivery on record

An order came in this morning at 09.11 for the following items:

1 x Gorgeous pale pink premature baby dress set size 3- 5lbs
1 x pink premature babies three piece outfit size 3-5lbs
1 x Premature baby butterfly & flowers outfit size 3-5 lbs
1 x pink premature baby pram set size 3-5lbs s
1 x pair of pink premature baby socks size 00000

Premature baby outfit

Gift boxed baby socks

The customer had chosen to have the order posted via special delivery.  However, as I was preparing to pack the order I noticed that the customer lived only 10 miles away.

I telephoned the customer and offered to hand deliver her order, the customer was over the moon as she was going to the hospital at 11am the same morning and would love be able to take the babies clothes in to the hospital for the baby.

So my husband and I jumped in the car and delivered the customers order at 10.20am.

From placing the order at 09.11 to receiving her order at 10.20 only 1 hour 9 minutes had elapsed.

At Prem2Pram we pride ourselves on the standard of service we provide, we are delighted to have been able to offer this particular customer our fastest delivery ever.

If you or a loved one is looking for premature baby clothes for a baby in either NICU or the special baby care unit then visit us at the online premature baby store where you money buys you so much more.

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