Baby Lucas laughing himself to a healthier life!

Research suggests that laughter influences more than our mental health, it actually has a positive effect on our physical well being as well. It’s widely accepted that laughter increases our pain threshold, but the theory is still unproven.

In fact there has been very few studies made about the relation between laughter and health, but those existing seem to indicate that laughter may lower the blood pressure, improve memory and cognitive functions and boost the immune system.

Furthermore these results are not short-term only: it seems that a good sense of humour may even protect you against heart diseases and alter your biochemical state to a level whereby more antibodies are produced.  So what are you waiting for tell a loved one a joke or perform a silly act and make them laugh.

When baby Lucas was born he weighed 4lb 13½ oz, however to look at him now you would never guess.  Prem2Pram the online premature baby store stocks premature baby clothes in sizes to fit premature babies 0-1lbs, 1-2lbs, 2-3lbs, 3-5lbs and 5-8lbs.  Vitis us at

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