Personalised Baby Clothes & Gifts

When it comes to buying clothes for a premature baby there is now a vast range to choose from, however, if you want to give a stylish and unique present you can’t go far wrong with a personalised item of baby clothing.  You can guarantee that a babygro embroidered with their babies name on will one day become a parents’ treasured keepsake.

Personalised Baby Clothing

Why an embroidered babygro I hear you asking well let me explain the difference between prints and embroidery.  The sheer nature of the way a print is added to a garment means that after several washing the colours will begin to fade.  I’m sure many of you have bought a t-shirt with a print on it, only to find that after it has been washed several times the print starts to fade and as time goes on the print becomes so faded you feel you have not choice but to stop wearing it.

Embroidered garments can be washed time and time again and due to the way the thread is dyed the garments retain their colours significantly longer than prints.

Embroidered Babygro

Click image to view this babygro in our shop

As well as personalised baby clothes, you could opt for a personalised baby blanket, muslin square or even a personalised wash cloth.

Personalised baby pram blanket

Click image to view this blanket in our shop

Personalised baby wash cloth

Click image to view these face cloths in our shop

Muslin square

Click image to view the muslin square in our shop

To view our full range of premature baby and personalised babyclothes please visit us at

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