For the baby princess in your life.

The birth of a new baby is an exciting and happy event and friends and family will want to celebrate the birth traditionally with the giving of presents.  If the new baby is a little girl then no doubt she will be nicked named little princess by many, especially grandparents.

Embroidered Baby Clothing

With this in mind Prem2pram has produced a whole range of baby clothes and accessories embroidered with the phrase “princess”.  Unlike prints that can fade embroidery keeps its vibrant colours and therefore even after numerous washes it looks as fantastic as they day it was purchased.

Our early baby sleepsuits are sized to fit a baby weighing 5-8lbs and because the sleepsuit is embroidered rather than printed it can be passed onto others once the baby has outgrown the garment or it can be put away as a keepsake of baby’s first few months.

Early baby sleepsuit

If you already have children you will be well aware that many bibs that have a printed picture of phrase on them look fantastic when new, however they very quickly fade and before long you can barely make out the picture and they appear very scruffy.  Parents would prefer not to have their baby’s photograph taken wearing such a bib, with an embroidered bib parents need never worry as the embroidery looks as good as they day it was purchased.

Even a princess has to burp

Many young toddlers have a favourite blanket that tends to go everywhere with them, at Prem2Pram our fleece blankets are super soft and wash lovely time and time again.  You can even baby’s name embroidered onto one of our fleece blankets, making it a more personalised gift.

We often advise family and friends of new parents to buy two identical blankets, as it can be very upsetting for young toddlers to be separated form their favourite blanket, even if it is only while their blanket is being washed.

Personalised baby pram blanket

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