Our most versatile NICU premature baby wear

At Prem2Pram we are always looking for new ways to improve our premature baby range and with this in mind we have just launched our most versatile NICU bear wear, NICU ‘Trendies’.

Seamless and fully lined, can be worn with the opening at the front or back to match your premature baby’s medical requirements.  Fully reversible and opens out completely flat, enabling NICU staff quick and easy access, without the need to disturb baby.  Will accommodate medical tubes and monitor leads with ease.

NICU X-ray ‘Trendies’ also available these will fasten via Velcro, and therefore baby doesn’t need to be undressed for X-rays.

NICU premature baby wear

Peter Rabbit

View of the back of the Peter Rabbit NICU Premature Baby Wear

Click image to go direct to product

NICU Baby Clothes

Sesame Street

NICU Trendies Butterflies


NICU Trendies Honey Bear Fabric

Honey Bear

NICU Prem baby clothes

NICU X-ray safe baby clothing

Rabbits - Click to go to X-ray Trendies

Premature baby x-ray safe clothing

Music X-ray NICU Trendies

To see our full range of premature baby clothes and accessories visit us at http://www.prem2pram.co.uk

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