My Garden Chillax Room

In case you are wondering chillax is the highest form of relaxation. The word chillax is the combination of the words chill and relax.

My brother John is a builder / joiner (Build It of Andover in Hampshire )and when I asked him if he could build me a garden chillax room he said, “no probs sis, just let me have a picture and the measurements of where it will be situated.”

I took a photo of part of the side garden and then asked my husband to measure the area, hey he’s an engineer after all, besides if there are any mistakes which is highly unlikely I can blame hubby *lol.

picture of the side garden where the chillax room will be situated

I emailed the photo and the drawing showing the measurements to my brother John, several weeks later John emailed me with some pictures showing the chillax room in progress.

Centre piece of the roof

The Boss (centre piece of the roof)

Side panels of the chillax room

Herringbone side panels

Garden Chillax Room

The chillax room is almost finished, there is just a little more wood to be stained and the door to be added and once that’s been done work can start on the rest of the side garden.

When I am not making premature baby clothes, I will be designing the remainder of the side garden and once complete I will have a unique side garden in which to chill out with a glass of wine and soak up the atmosphere.

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