Lifting the shroud of stillbirth

In modern day society there are very few taboo subjects, unfortunately stillbirth is still considered an unmentionable subject. Film makers Big Buddha are in the process of making a new film to highlight the heartbreak and silence that often surrounds babies that are ‘born asleep’. The tragic loss of a baby is an extremely difficult time for parents and their family members.


Baby born asleep

Model is a reborn baby doll


In addition to experiencing the traumatic loss of a child at birth, parents also have to deal with people not knowing what to say, many not even acknowledging that they had a baby at all.  Coping with this wall of silence can make the loss of their baby that much more difficult to bear

Whilst there are several bereavement support groups available more needs to be done to increase public awareness and understanding of the emotional trauma and its lasting effects on parents who have and still do suffer the loss of their baby.

The new film, Peekaboo, is a high profile, short narrative film that looks at the issue of stillbirth and the psychological trauma that surrounds it.

Prem2Pram is delighted that as a result of our donation we will receive an associate producer credit on the film.

If you’d like more information regarding the film, it’s makers or how you can help then please visit Big Buddha


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