Uninformed Kills Craft Genius

Ok so you’re a craft genius, you’ve designed and made some unique products that are adored by everyone who sees them.  You take what you believe are the next logical steps, you start promoting and selling your wonderful hand crafted products on line and via craft fairs, you have:

  • Registered a domain name
  • Created a website
  • Search engine optimised your website
  • Informed the Inland Revenue of your new business venture
  • Created brand awareness
  • Created a Blog
  • Registered for a Facebook fan page
  • Book several craft fairs
  • Tweeted
  • Blogged
  • Stumbled
  • Plurked
  • Facebooked

You sit back with a smile on your face, as you look forward to your first sale / craft fair,  but hold on haven’t you forgotten something?

Don't Gamble Make Sure You Are Covered

If you make and sell products either on line or via craft fairs then you really should have public and product liability.

Scenario One
While attending a craft fair a member of the public trips over one of your displays and breaks their arm, chances are they are going to sue you.

Scenario Two
A customers purchases one of your hand made oven gloves, unfortunately while using the oven glove they are stabbed in the hand by a pin which you inadvertently left in the material and as a result they drop a casserole dish full of hot food all over their feet, resulting in sever burns and require hospital treatment, this results in the customer suing you for damages.

I’m sure every crafter takes the necessary precautions to ensure their products are safe and free of hazards, however no matter how diligent you are there is always the possibility that someone may be injured as a result of your product.

McDonald’s coffee case – a jury awarded $2.86 million to a woman who burned herself with hot coffee she purchased from fast food restaurant McDonald’s.

The lack of public and product liability has left many a craft genius dead in the water, don’t gamble with your dreams make sure you are fully covered.  If in doubt check your policy details and if you are still unsure seek legal advise.  Ian W Wallace offer an insurance scheme designed specifically for individual craftsmen, artists, artisans and craft groups and clubs including public liability in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

© Sue Edmondson (Prem2Pram) 2010


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