Personalised Clothing for Babies in NICU

When your baby is born prematurely he or she will no doubt have to spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit.  This can be a harrowing experience for both parents and family and where possible it is great for parents to be able to normalise things as much as possible, this includes parents being able to dress their preemie baby in comfortable and practical clothing.

No doubt you will have seen newborn babies with personalised clothing and thought wouldn’t it be lovely if my premature baby could wear some personalised clothing.

Now even preemie babies in the neonatal intensive care unit can wear personalised incubator safe clothing. Both the sleepsuit and bodysuit open out flat making it easier for parents and medical staff to undress and dress baby without unnecessarily disturbing baby The footless sleepsuit allows a pulse oximeter to be placed on baby’s foot without having to undress baby.

personalised preemie clothing

This unique premature baby gift set comes personalised with your baby’s name and will no doubt one day become a treasured keepsake of the time your baby spent in the NICU.

To see our entire range of premature baby clothes and accessories please visit Prem2Pram the on line premature baby store.


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