Moving hosting can be fraught with dangers

Many of our existing customers will have noticed that the Prem2Pram website has had a make over.  Unlike the show “60 minute make over” our new look took a little bit longer.

At the same time we also moved hosting company, which proved to be very stressful as the new hosting company encountered numerous problems when importing our database and as a result the checkout side of the shop was closed for several days while the issues were being resolved.

Our banner and logo has been revamped; we kept the cute little baby wearing the St Georges flag on his nappy, as we are proud of our English heritage.

New banner for Prem2Pram

The colour of the website has also changed from lilac to blue and all the text in the categories and information boxes have been centred making them easier to read.

The centre box now has a wider margin where as previously the narrow margins meant the text was squashed up against the sides.

Just beneath the new banner there is a bright new image that clearly illustrates the type of baby products available.

We feel the above changes have given our website a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Premature baby products

Our premature baby store makeover is down to Sarah’s creativity and attention to detail.
The functionality of our store is attributed to Jack’s extensive osCommerce knowledge.

Warning:- if your existing website is an e-commerce site and you intend to move to a new hosting company then I can not stress the importance of checking that your new hosting company has in-depth knowledge of the script language used to produce your e-commerce site i.e. PHP, ASP… etc.

Caution: – when moving a php based e-commerce site from one hosting to another it is important to find out which php version was used to set up your e-commerce site.  Your new hosting company may be using a different version of php that might not be compatible with certain contributions / add ons.

Conclusion: moving your e-commerce site to a hosting company that does not have the required knowledge could seriously damage not only your websites functionality but could also cause a drop in your Google visibility / ranking.

For osCommerce shop problems I strongly urge you to contact Jack of osCommerce Solution.
For graphic and logo design I highly recommend you contact Sarah of Web Wizards.


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