Fist full of vouchers waiting to be spent!

Have you ever put your Tesco club card vouchers in such a safe place that you couldn’t find them and thought them lost forever?

If in the last two years you think you might have lost your club card vouchers then pop along to the Tesco club card website and there you will find a section where you can check to see if you have any in date unused vouchers.

Once you’ve logged into your club card account, click on the Go To My Clubcard Account button, then on the left hand side menu choose Your Vouchers. In this section you can review a breakdown of the vouchers you have been sent, keep a track of which ones have been used, review those you still have to spend and replace those that have been lost.

find your lost clubcard vouchers

Next to any lost vouchers / unused vouchers it will lists the ecode next to them. You can either use the clubcard vouchers code as normal for online shopping, exchange and double your money for a clubcard deals or request reprints of vouchers to spend / exchange in store, however please bear in mind that they may not be reprinted in time for Christmas.

So what are you waiting for, nip along to the clubcard website and see if you have a fist full of vouchers waiting to be spent!!


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