Money isn’t everything

Preemie baby gifts

Recently out of the blue I had an offer to purchase my on line premature baby clothes business and as you can imagine I was delighted that someone thought so highly of my business that they were willing to buy me out.

As I never intended to run a business I saw this as an ideal opportunity to sell up and get back to my original intentions, which was to make, bespoke premature baby clothes for family and friends in order to and raise money for local neonatal units.

After coming back down to earth and seeking advice from business friends, several questions were raised.

Why are they interested?

Is it because they see a potential growth market or do they consider you a competitor and want to close you down?

Would I be happy relinquishing control of your creation?

Would the quality of the clothing diminish under new ownership?

How would I feel if the reputation of the business suffered ?

With so many questions racing around in my head I needed answers, so after several emails and numerous telephone conversations a price was agreed, however the terms and conditions of the sale would prevent me from ever setting up another baby related business.

Also I would be required to relinquish all my patterns and this would mean I wouldn’t be able to use the patterns myself.

And the final nail in the coffin was I would have to agree not to make any baby clothes for anyone else, meaning I would no longer be able to make premature baby clothes for my local NICU.

I tried to explain that I enjoyed making bespoke baby clothing and that I would want to continue to do so; all be it on a smaller scale for friends, family and my local neonatal baby unit.

After in depth discussions regarding the terms and conditions of the sale I felt their expectations were unreasonable and as they were unwilling to compromise I felt I had no alternative but to decline their offer.

Taking everything into consideration I feel I made the right decision and  I am happy in the knowledge that my business was considered worthy of such an offer.


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  1. Sarah
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 12:55:13

    Aww I don’t blame you. Those were very harsh terms and conditions. I hope your business continues to grow 🙂 x


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