St Andrew’s Day

Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland and today St. Andrew’s Day will be celebrated by Scots all around the world. The Scottish flag is the Cross of St. Andrew.

St. Andrew is believed to have been a fisherman in Galilee along with his elder brother Simon Peter (Saint Peter).  Both became apostles of Jesus Christ.   St. Andrew is said to have been responsible for spreading the belief of the Christian religion though Asia Minor and Greece.   Tradition suggests that the Romans in Patras, Southern Greece put St. Andrew to death by crucifixion.  The diagonal shape of this cross is said to be the basis for the Cross of St. Andrew, which appears on the Scottish Flag.

In the town of  St Andrews there is a week long festival of arts and activities and since November 30th 1996, when the Stone of Destiny was returned to Scotland and housed in Edinburgh Castle it has been decreed that the Castle shall be open with free entry on every St Andrew’s Day to allow the people of Scotland to view the fabled Stone.

Flag of Scotland on baby clothing

For a baby born on St Andrew’s day what could be more appropriate than a cute sleepsuit or bodysuit depicting a baby holding the flag of Scotland.


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