Making your own premature baby clothes

If you are going to make your own premature baby clothes then you are going to need some cotton interlock fabric and a few patterns.  You can create your own patterns or purchase them on line both Simplicity and McCalls have several patterns that can be altered to suit your individual needs.

Once you have chosen your fabric and pattern then it’s time to lay your fabric out and position your pattern pieces, following the pattern instructions on the back of the pattern envelope to see which pattern pieces are needed for the garment you are making.  Find each pattern piece required and separate them from the rest,  return those pattern pieces not required back in to the envelope .

Following the pattern instruction sheet to determine how the pattern pieces are to be laid out.  Fold the fabric right sides together, along a single lengthwise or crosswise thread as indicated in the layout diagram. This will allow any necessary pattern markings to be made on the wrong side of the fabric.  Place the fabric on a flat surface and then lay out and pin the larger pieces first, then position the smaller ones.  Place all the pieces as close together as possible without overlapping the printed cutting lines.

Laying our your pattern pieces

Find the grain-line arrow on any pattern piece not placed along a fold and position the pattern piece so that this arrow runs exactly parallel to the selvage, or finished edge, of the fabric.  Pin the pattern pieces to the fabric along the fold first.  Pin remaining pattern pieces, keeping pins inside the cutting line.


Overlocking your pieces

Once you have cut out all your pieces, you will be ready to over-lock them together, many modern household sewing machines have an over-lock stitch, however if you intend to make a lot of baby clothes then it might well be worth investing in a domestic overlocker.


popper machine

Once you have over-locked your sleepsuit you will need to add some poppers (press studs), you can do this manually using a hand ratchet tool, however it might be worth investing in a foot operated ratchet press.   The foot operated ratchet press is supplied complete with it’s own a stand which incorporates two side trays to store you stud parts in.  It is designed to attach most press studs, rivets eyelets, jeans buttons etc.  It is extremely versatile and can be used for placing piercing trim on textiles or paper and card.

poppering babies sleepsuit

Make sure you mark the position of each stud so that they line up correctly with it’s counterpart otherwise your sleepsuit will not fasten up correctly.


completed premature baby sleepsuit

Once you have added all the required press studs you just need to iron the sleepsuit and then it will be ready to be  embellished, see our previous post which includes the embellishment of a premature baby sleepsuit.

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  1. Tonson
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 19:49:35

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  2. Yvonne
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 01:29:42

    Hey I was wondering what pattern u used for ur sleep suits or did u use ur own pattern?


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