Prevent baby scratching his face

Newborn babies have remarkably sharp nails and often scratch themselves when they inadvertently pull at their face, unfortunately babies often draw blood and although very little blood is drawn it is very distressing for parents to see their baby covered in scratches.

Many parents will often use ant scratch mittens to try and prevent their baby from scratching their face, however some babies just don’t seem able to keep mittens on their tiny hands and will often scratch their face during sleep.

The best option for babies who regularly scratch themselves is to opt for a long sleeve vest with built in anti scratch mittens.   The fact that the mittens are attached to the vest means unlike ordinary mittens they won’t fall off, thereby protecting baby from scratching themselves and reassuring parents that their baby won’t be able to injure themselves during their sleep.

fold over baby mittens

A pack of 2 newborn baby wrap over style vests with long sleeves and fold back scratch mittens, is available via our on line store.  These vests are also perfect for babies that do not like clothing pulled over their head.  Clicking on the above image will take you direct to the newborn baby wrap over vests page where you can read the product description and / or place an order.

To see our full range of baby vest please visit our on line premature baby clothes store


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