Why is breast milk ice-cream repulsive?

If the Baby Gaga dessert from the Icecreamists has sexual undertones or just feels wrong, how about milk from cow boobs?

Source: The Guardian
Author: Sarah Ditum

Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream has proved popular at the Icecreamists cafe in London.

Eww! Ice-cream made out of breast milk! Gross! There’s a good chance that was your first reaction to reading about the Baby Gaga ice-cream being served by the magnificently trend-baiting Icecreamists parlour in Covent Garden, and to be perfectly honest, even after thinking it through for long enough to write this piece, it’s still my reaction.

I struggle sometimes just thinking about my food having a face. The idea of my dessert coming from a milker with a name, the ability to speak and a business plan for her lactational products is simply too much. (The milk comes from the breast of Victoria Hilley, apparently, who receives £15 for every 10oz she supplies. Which makes me feel slightly sick in a different way, as I suddenly imagine every sodden breast pad I lobbed in the bin during my own nursing phase as a tenner in the landfill.)……  continue reading


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