We look after the grandkids as our children aren’t capable

BEING woken by a screaming baby in the middle of the night is tough for any parent. But it’s even more exhausting when you are over 60.

Yet this is the reality for the growing number of grandparents who are raising their children’s kids.

A total of 140,000 youngsters have been left in the care of grandparents or friends because their own parents are unable to look after them.

Drug and alcohol abuse are the main reasons for the growing trend, according to a shocking report by charity Grandparents Plus.

Here, grans and grandads who have had to take on parental duties talk about the difficulties, hardships and joys of raising their child’s child.

Christine, 50

FORMER care assistant Christine is married to retired mechanical engineer Tony, 70. Christine, who had to give up work on medical grounds, has five children from her first marriage. Tony has four. The couple, from Middlesbrough, have raised Christine’s ten-year-old granddaughter Angie* since she was born.

Christine says: “Angie was nine months old when we got a residence order to look after her. My daughter and her boyfriend were drinking and taking drugs. My daughter started drinking at 14 – although I didn’t know at the time.

“One night, when she was 16, I thought she was at a sleepover but found her passed out drunk in a road. It was then I saw how bad her alcohol abuse was. We tried to help but she wasn’t interested. She is the only one of my kids who turned to drink.

“She left school and started working but was laid off. At 18 she became pregnant with Angie. We then found out she was still drinking.

“She gave birth to Angie but later that day wanted to see her boyfriend and wouldn’t stay to see the midwife. She didn’t come back until the next day. I knew I’d have to take Angie on.

“Social services said they couldn’t help. They eventually put me in touch with Cafcass, the Children And Family Court Advisory And Support Service. They helped us get a residence order.

“My daughter is in prison now. Financially, it is difficult. Tony has a pension and I have incapacity benefit. All I get for Angie is child benefit.

“She talks about her mum and it upsets her. She’s intelligent and has been to a psychotherapist as she has taken her temper out on me.

“But she has calmed down. We have our little talks and are brilliant friends.”

For more info about Cafcass, visit cafcass.gov.uk or call 0844 353 3350.

Author: Nikki Watkins

Read the full story in The Sun


Born to ride or born to play footie?

Little Lucas playing on his fire truck

My gorgeous grandson Lucas is now 11 months old and has just started to sit on his sit and ride fire truck, he has not yet managed to getting it moving.  I cannot wait until he is older enough to try out the rocking horse I bought a few weeks ago.

toddler wearing an England T-Shirt

When Lucas grows up he might one day play football for England, I know both his parents would be over the moon…. I’m over the moon because I have a grandchild and I hope one day my other children will also bless me with grandchildren.

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Smile it’s Wordless Wednesday

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Baby Lucas Playing

Baby playing with toys

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Baby Lucas laughing himself to a healthier life!

Research suggests that laughter influences more than our mental health, it actually has a positive effect on our physical well being as well. It’s widely accepted that laughter increases our pain threshold, but the theory is still unproven.

In fact there has been very few studies made about the relation between laughter and health, but those existing seem to indicate that laughter may lower the blood pressure, improve memory and cognitive functions and boost the immune system.

Furthermore these results are not short-term only: it seems that a good sense of humour may even protect you against heart diseases and alter your biochemical state to a level whereby more antibodies are produced.  So what are you waiting for tell a loved one a joke or perform a silly act and make them laugh.

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Uncle Keith is gonna take me to a baseball game

Lucas in his puschair

Lucas recovering in hospital after choking on baby food

Lucas recovering in hospital

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