Unusual Premature Baby Bodysuit Dresses

The latest edition to our weird and wonderful premature baby clothing range are these unusual bodysuit dresses, also known across the pond as onesie dresses.

premature baby onesie dress

And for the more adventurous parents we have a cute black and pink skull and cross bones onesie dress which has an appliqué Devil heart with wings in matching fabric.

Goth baby clothing

I appreciate that not everyone will like the above black and pink Goth design, however there are those who avidly look for unusual baby clothing and it is my desire not to ignore these parents / family members.

At Prem2Pram you will find a wide variety of premature and newborn baby clothes and accessories so come and visit us at http://www.prem2pram.co.uk

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Its official aliens have landed

Yes that’s right aliens or little green men as they are affectionately known have officially landed at Prem2Pram.  We’ve little green men hitching a lift on a rocket ship; another is hovering above in his or her space ship.  We even have little green men chilling on the moon.

Little green men in their flying machines

Alien Space ship

Rocket ship babygro

close up of design

Orange rocket ship preemie baby sleepsuit

close up of orange rocket design

Alien hitching a ride on a rocket

close up of Alien 1 design

These eye-catching designs are out of this world, they are certain to appeal to those looking for an extraterrestrial baby gift.  We are continually adding new an unusual designs so if you are looking for something out of the ordinary then have a wander over to our Prem2Pram and check out our Weird and wonderful range of baby clothing and accessories at http://www.prem2pram.co.uk

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Weird and wonderful premature baby clothes Part 1

Every parent is different and while many parents enjoy dressing their baby girls in cute and frilly outfits and their baby boys in traditional blue outfits.  There are those parents that stand out from the crowd, they prefer dressing their baby’s in something a tad different from the norm.

With this in mind we are introducing a range of unusual yet breathtaking baby clothing and accessories.

Goth baby bib

Goth babygro

Close up of embroidery design

Goth, vampire heart sleepsuit

Close up of embroidery design

We have a whole host of different designs ready to be embroidered on to premature and newborn baby clothing.  We also have a burp cloth or two in the pipeline with similar wild and wacky designs.  Don’t miss out on these unusual designs; bookmark our premature baby on line store http://www.prem2pram.co.uk where you will find a wide range of premature, early baby and newborn baby clothes and accessories.

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Machine Embroidery Thread Update

I have once again been looking at the various different brands of embroidery thread and found that very few companies offer a swatch card.  Whilst this isn’t a problem if you purchase your thread from a physical store it can be a nightmare if like me you purchase the majority of your thread on line.

Some companies offer a printed colour chat, however the quality of the printing will affect the results of the chart, quite often these printed charts do not match the actual thread.

Why is this a problem I hear you saying, well when you look at images of embroidery thread you will see a vast choice of different shades, however the image you see might not be identical to the thread, this is because computer displays are not all perfectly calibrated to the same specifications.  Every monitor has its own brightness, contrast, and colour levels, and that means an image will look different on every computer you view it on.

My advice would be to go with a company that offers a swatch shade card rather than a printed colour chat that way you will be able to physically see the different shades and even match them to existing threads you might already own.

I have just started using Royal Rayon embroidery thread for all my baby clothes embellishment; its 40 high sheen offers optimum sewing performance and a top quality finish. There are 500 different shades to choose from and the choice of 1000m cones or 5000m cops.

You can purchase a swatch shade card for Royal Rayon from Somac Threads.

Embroidery colour swatch

Embroidery swatch shade card

Colour chart for embroidery threads

Machine embroidery thread colour chart

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Embroidered prem, early baby and newborn clothes

The majority of little boys love to play football and I have noticed there is a distinct lack of prem baby boys clothes and with this in mind I have created the football sock monkey gift set.

Burp Cloth, babygro, baby vest, baby bodysuit

As a nation we do not make a song and dance about being British, you probably won’t see the Union flag flying outside our homes.  However as individuals we are noticeably proud of being English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish.

On your behalf we have made it possible for your little ones to show just how proud you are to be English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh.  We have created a unique range of patriotic premature, early baby and newborn baby clothes. Each garment is embroidered with a baby holding a flag.

Wales - newborn baby clothing gift set

England newborn sleepsuit

Our patriotic range is available in a three-piece gift set or as single garments, if the garment or set you are looking for is not in stock in the size or style you require then email us and we will do our best to make one up for you within two working days.  So what are you waiting for surf your way over to Prem2Pram the on-line baby store, where you money buys you a whole lot more.

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Patriotic premature and early baby clothing

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland commonly referred to as the United Kingdom (UK).

Yes we are proud to be British, however the UK is made up of several countries and as individuals of these countries we are especially proud to be called English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.  To show just how proud we are of our country we have created a patriotic range of premature and early baby clothes.

Each garment is embroidered with a baby holding the English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh flag.  All embroidery has a protective layer to avoid baby’s skin coming into direct contact with the embroidery thread.

Patriotic premature and early baby clothes

Patriotic premature and early baby clothes

Baby holding the Irish flag

Scottish flag embroidered onto a baby vest

Babies Welsh bodysuit

So come on everyone let your baby wear your country’s flag and show the world how patriotic we really are.

To see our full range of premature and early baby clothes and accessories visit Prem2Pram’s online store at http://www.prem2pram.co.uk

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Personalised Baby Clothes & Gifts

When it comes to buying clothes for a premature baby there is now a vast range to choose from, however, if you want to give a stylish and unique present you can’t go far wrong with a personalised item of baby clothing.  You can guarantee that a babygro embroidered with their babies name on will one day become a parents’ treasured keepsake.

Personalised Baby Clothing

Why an embroidered babygro I hear you asking well let me explain the difference between prints and embroidery.  The sheer nature of the way a print is added to a garment means that after several washing the colours will begin to fade.  I’m sure many of you have bought a t-shirt with a print on it, only to find that after it has been washed several times the print starts to fade and as time goes on the print becomes so faded you feel you have not choice but to stop wearing it.

Embroidered garments can be washed time and time again and due to the way the thread is dyed the garments retain their colours significantly longer than prints.

Embroidered Babygro

Click image to view this babygro in our shop

As well as personalised baby clothes, you could opt for a personalised baby blanket, muslin square or even a personalised wash cloth.

Personalised baby pram blanket

Click image to view this blanket in our shop

Personalised baby wash cloth

Click image to view these face cloths in our shop

Muslin square

Click image to view the muslin square in our shop

To view our full range of premature baby and personalised babyclothes please visit us at http://www.prem2pram.co.uk

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