Are you unknowingly giving Ebay permission to share you photos with others?

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Since August 2009 anyone who has not opted out is giving Ebay permission to share his or her photos  with others.

So come on people protect your photos by opting out, how do I do that I hear you say, well it’s really very simple.

Just log into your Ebay account and go to My Ebay and scroll down and click Account, the from the left hand side of the screen click Site Preferences.

Ebay site preferences

Then scroll down to Share Your Photos and from the right hand side of the screen click Show, then click the edit button.

Share Your Photos

You’ll see the following message “eBay plans to use select seller generated photos as part of its product catalogue and other product offerings. This can get you exposure to a large audience of shoppers, since if we choose your photo(s) to represent a product in the eBay product catalogue, you’ll get an attribution on a product details page whenever your photo is used.

If you’d prefer to opt-out of this program, please do so by checking this box and clicking the “submit” button below.
(If you opt-out by March 28th, 2010, none of your photos will be considered for inclusion in this program unless you opt back in at a later time. If you opt-out after March 28th, 2010, any photos we select for inclusion in this program prior to your opt-out may continue to be used in the catalogue)

Put a tick in the box and click the submit button…. Well done you’ve now protected any new photos that you might upload.

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