Personalised Preemie Baby Clothes

Reborn baby wearing preemie clothes


Photo Props For Premature Babies

Hand Knitted Premature Baby Hat

Reborn baby wearing a hand knitted preemie hat

Premature Baby Clothes

Premature baby clothes

To see our full range of premature baby clothes and accessories visit Prem2Pram at

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Hand made British premature baby clothes

It’s variety and flair at Prem2Pram the premature baby-clothing store where you money buys you so much more.  Our range of distinctive hand knitted premature baby clothes are available in sizes starting from 1 to 2lbs upwards.

This charming little premature baby’s sailor suit is reminiscent of the Victorian era, with its cute little knickerbockers, short sleeve shirt, jacket, hat and booties.  Hand made in England from super soft baby wool so it’s kind to a premature baby’s delicate skin.

Please note: I should mention before anyone comments that the ribbon on the jacket is fine if the garment is to be worn by a reborn baby doll, however for safety reasons the ribbon will not be included unless you state in the comment box during checkout that the garment is for a reborn baby doll and not a real baby.

Reborn baby wearing a premature baby boys sailor suit

Hand knitted pemature babies sailor jacket

This delightful little premature baby girls dress, hat and booties is hand knitted in a lovely pastel pink and white super soft spun double knitting baby wool to help prevent damage to a premature baby’s delicate skin.

Reborn baby wearing a hand knitted prem baby outfit

The above premature baby outfits are modelled by my reborn baby doll Angelica.

To view our full range of premature baby clothes please visit us at

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Hand Made Premature Baby Girls Clothes

Premature baby clothes with chic and flair that exceeds the demands of the modern day fashion conscious parents.  The premature baby girls outfit pictured below is hand knitted in a pale pink using baby super soft spun double knitting wool.

The outfit consists of: A pink and white dress that buttons down the front via tiny white pearl buttons. A French style premature baby hat embellished with a delicate rose bow. A pair of pink and white matching shoes which, fasten via a tiny white pearl button.

Available in sizes to fit Micro Preemie babies weighing 1-2lbs and Prem babies  weighing 2-3lbs and 3-5lbs.

Premature baby girls clothes

Posh Pink French style hand knitted premature baby hats and booties in a bright pink using super soft Chuckles baby double knitting wool.

Premature Baby Hats

Posh Pink Premature Baby Booties

Premature baby girl booties

All the above premature baby garments can be purchased from Prem2Pram the online premature baby store.

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Reborn Baby – Premature Baby Clothes

Yesterday my second reborn baby was delivered her name is Hope and she is from Classteels Precious Bundles.  In the picture below she is wearing a Kushies washable flannelette nappy for premature babies weighing 2-4lbs. These nappies make an ideal gift for babies in the Special Care Baby Unit, they can also be used on dolls and because they are fully washable they work out much cheaper than disposable nappies.

Reborn Baby Wearing A Real Nappy

In this picture Hope is wearing a premature baby dress which has been specifically designed for babies in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) with its easy side openings it allows medical staff access quick access as well as making it easier to dress baby with little disturbance.  Dress is available in sizes 1-2lbs and 2-3lbs.

Premature Baby Clothes

In this last picture Hope is wearing a premature baby crossover short sleeve bodysuit made from 100% cotton, it’s so soft that is suitable for babies with eczema. The bodysuit is machine washable at 40°C and has nickel free poppers for safe, easy dressing and nappy changing. Available in size 3- 5lbs.

Premature Babies Bodysuit / Vest

If a premature baby has recently entered your life or that of someone you love and you’re looking for premature baby clothes that are realistically sized please visit us at Prem2Pram the online premature baby store.

Wordless Wednesday – Reborn Baby Wearing Premature Baby Clothes

Reborn Baby wearing real preemie baby clothes

reborn babies premature baby clothes

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