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At Prem2Pram we are always happy to received feedback good or bad, we are of course especially delighted to receive positive feedback as it lets us know that were doing a great job.

All this positive feedback doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels, far from it; every day we endeavour to increase our range of premature baby clothes.  Today saw the launch of our white micro preemie 0-1½ lbs sleepsuits and our preemie 1½ – 3½lbs twin pack bodysuits.  To see our full range of premature baby clothes and accessories please visit our on line premature baby store at

If we were to receive negative feedback we would take the customers comments on board and endeavour to rectify the situation as well as do our utmost to ensure that whatever happened to cause the posting of a  negative comment NEVER happened again.

You can read all our customers reviews and comments here

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Premature baby store offers the fastest delivery on record

An order came in this morning at 09.11 for the following items:

1 x Gorgeous pale pink premature baby dress set size 3- 5lbs
1 x pink premature babies three piece outfit size 3-5lbs
1 x Premature baby butterfly & flowers outfit size 3-5 lbs
1 x pink premature baby pram set size 3-5lbs s
1 x pair of pink premature baby socks size 00000

Premature baby outfit

Gift boxed baby socks

The customer had chosen to have the order posted via special delivery.  However, as I was preparing to pack the order I noticed that the customer lived only 10 miles away.

I telephoned the customer and offered to hand deliver her order, the customer was over the moon as she was going to the hospital at 11am the same morning and would love be able to take the babies clothes in to the hospital for the baby.

So my husband and I jumped in the car and delivered the customers order at 10.20am.

From placing the order at 09.11 to receiving her order at 10.20 only 1 hour 9 minutes had elapsed.

At Prem2Pram we pride ourselves on the standard of service we provide, we are delighted to have been able to offer this particular customer our fastest delivery ever.

If you or a loved one is looking for premature baby clothes for a baby in either NICU or the special baby care unit then visit us at the online premature baby store where you money buys you so much more.

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Prem2Pram offers personal services to every customer

While Prem2Pram is not the largest manufacturer of premature baby clothes, what we lack in size we more than make up for in customer service, below is just a sample of the comments left by satisfied customers.

Customers commentsFor those of you who have never heard of a burp cloth, you might like to read our post What is a burp cloth?

Personalised Babygro Customer ReviewYou too can have your early baby sleepsuit embroidered with your babies name, various fonts and styles are available.

Embroidered names

Personalised Early Baby Sleepsuit

Personalised baby clothes

Customer review of out premature baby hats

Customer comments on our premature baby burial gownsSadly not every pregnancy has a happy ending; in fact 17 babies are born asleep or die shortly after birth every day in the UK.  Over the last several months Prem2Pram has created some of the most beautiful baby burial gowns available in premature baby sizes, made of beautiful broderie anglais fabric with delicate swan lace trim, which would be perfect for any baby’s final sleep. Created with love I hope that they may go a small way to helping a family during a very difficult and emotional time.

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United Airlines Breaks Guitars

Read the full story by David Carroll

If all of the above doesn’t instil the importance of customer service then nothing will.

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