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As a parent of a premature baby on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit the one thing you are desperately waiting to hear is the magical words ‘you can take your baby home’

From the moment your baby is born you are waiting to hear those magical words, however for a lot of parents those six words also bring a lot of fear and anxiety.

 Until this time your precious baby has been looked after 24/7 by a number of different types of doctors, nurses and many other heath practitioners. There will have been monitors and high-tech equipment that you have got used to and come to rely on for reassurance whilst on the unit, you will have grown used to this level of support and that there is always someone around for advice and support. So it is understandable that you will be worried and anxious as well as relieved and excited because at home you will be person caring for your baby, a very daunting thought.

The staff on  NICU would not  be letting you take your baby home if they did not think that your baby was well enough to leave NICU and that you were not capable of taking care of your baby.

Before leaving the hospital you will have been given training in how to perform basic resuscitation.  A lot of units have  rooms where you can stay overnight with your baby with the NICU nurses just next door, this can help give you the confidence you need to know that you can take care of your baby.

Once discharged from the unit you will still have a lot of support from health professionals, some of those involved will be your GP and health visitor, A lot of units have a specialist nurse who will visit you at home soon after being discharged to offer support and advice and your child will possibly have a pediatrician who will follow their progress.

If your baby was very premature, needed oxygen or was ventilated they may be at more risk of infection, some steps you can take to reduce risk of infection are:

  • Make sure everyone who comes into contact with your baby washes their hands.
  • Don\’t take your baby to crowded public places
  • Don\’t take your baby into large air-conditioned places like a shopping centre, supermarkets.
  • Ask people who have had a cold/ fever to refrain from visiting.

Taking your baby home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  for the first time is a very special experience and a very large milestone on your journey, take advantage of any help offered from family and friends, make sure to take time for yourself and enjoy being at home with your very special baby.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/babies-articles/taking-your-premature-baby-home-2640271.html

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Mother of a premature baby and creator of STARTING LIFE IN NICU  a baby record book  designed for babies who start life in a neonatal intensive care unit http://www.tinylittlebaby.co.uk


A guide to buying hospital safe premature baby clothes

Buying clothes for a newborn baby is one of the joys of being an expectant mother – but what if your baby is premature and is too small for the normal size baby clothes found in shops and on line sites?

Several mothers of early born babies have realised the significance of the situation and have now designed and manufactured ranges of specialist premature baby clothes.

Hospital baby clothes for use in the NICU and SCBU departments have special requirements. They must be designed to allow easy access for the tubes, wires, sensors and probes that may be connected to the baby whilst being cared for in the specialist units. Even so they must still fit the baby well and be designed to not just be functional but to look good too! After all new parents always want the newest addition to their family to look cute and well cared for. By making the correct choice in hospital prem baby clothing the confidence of the concerned parents that the premature baby will be soon be at home the same as a normal healthy full term baby is raised. The extra confidence this affords to the parents; and possibly extending to the staff is such a great benefit for managing the stress and concerns of all involved that the benefits can’t be lightly discounted. For the more calm and happier all the adults involved are then the better it is for everyone’s health, including the babies.

Whilst searching for a supplier of suitable premature baby clothes there are several features that can assist the hospital staff in their medical care of the baby. As various pieces of equipment may be attached to the baby for monitoring purposes, or the bay may require an X-ray or scan carried out it is important that the baby can be dressed or undressed with as little disturbance as possible.

NICU baby clothes and SCBU baby clothes should be designed in such a way that Babygro’s open out completely flat and have fastenings on each side. Thus allowing quick and easy access to staff and medical devices with the minimum disturbance to the baby. NICU/SCBU Babygro’s should be of a ‘footless’ design to enable the attachment and removal of monitoring devices to the foot of a baby. If required a premature baby bootie or sock can be used over a foot that does not have a monitor attached, alternatively a slightly larger bootie or sock can be used over the foot with the monitor sensors. This will allow staff to check and adjust any sensors attached to the baby’s feet without having to disturb them as much as a normal Babygro design might cause.

Hospital safe neonatal baby clothing


If the baby is in the SCBU and has a condition that might lead to X-rays and scans to check on aspects of the baby’s condition then the SCBU baby clothes can benefit from the use of plastic fasteners rather than the more tradition metal fasteners. The plastic fasteners can enable the baby to be X-rayed or scanned without the need to remove their clothing.

All premature baby clothes and especially NICU and SCBU baby clothes should be designed and made of the softest and least abrasive fabrics possible. The skin of such early born baby’s is so delicate that it can be far more easily damaged than that of a full term baby. All fastenings should be adequately protected from being able to come in to contact directly with the skin; firstly to prevent possible damage being caused through abrasion and secondly in order to prevent any possible allergic metal reaction.

All NICU and SCBU premature baby clothes should be made of materials that do not allow any build up of electrostatic charge. Electrostatic discharge – commonly referred to as ESD can cause discomfort and other issues for the baby, as well as to staff. What feels like a ‘static’ shock that makes an adult jump back could be far more severe to a poorly premature baby that has either a heart or breathing condition.

ESD can also damage medical probes and the monitors they are connected to, although they are designed to be protected from such occurrences the conditions in which the devices are used and maintained can cause the monitoring devices to give inaccurate and spurious readings especially if the ambient humidity of the environment is very low. Although hospitals may try to maintain a comfortable humidity level that is healthy and comfortable for the patients, if the humidity is too high the baby’s will be very uncomfortable – although free of ESD concerns! If the humidity is too low and environment dry then the baby can then be affected by static build up.

All premature baby clothes should be designed to take in to account all of the above concerns as well as ‘looking good’ and the baby looking ‘cute’ it is paramount that the clothes they wear at such a crucial stage in their care and development is the best available for comfort, safety and practical for use in a hospital environment.

See our full range of hospital safe premature baby clothes in our online premature baby store, where you money buys you more. http://www.prem2pram.co.uk

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/babies-articles/a-guide-to-buying-hospital-safe-premature-baby-clothes-2361697.html

About the Author

Sue Edmondson runs Prem2Pram the online premature baby store http://www.prem2pram.co.uk as a mother herself of two premature babies she understands the difficulties parents face when their baby arrives early.

Personalised Clothing for Babies in NICU

When your baby is born prematurely he or she will no doubt have to spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit.  This can be a harrowing experience for both parents and family and where possible it is great for parents to be able to normalise things as much as possible, this includes parents being able to dress their preemie baby in comfortable and practical clothing.

No doubt you will have seen newborn babies with personalised clothing and thought wouldn’t it be lovely if my premature baby could wear some personalised clothing.

Now even preemie babies in the neonatal intensive care unit can wear personalised incubator safe clothing. Both the sleepsuit and bodysuit open out flat making it easier for parents and medical staff to undress and dress baby without unnecessarily disturbing baby The footless sleepsuit allows a pulse oximeter to be placed on baby’s foot without having to undress baby.

personalised preemie clothing

This unique premature baby gift set comes personalised with your baby’s name and will no doubt one day become a treasured keepsake of the time your baby spent in the NICU.

To see our entire range of premature baby clothes and accessories please visit Prem2Pram the on line premature baby store.

NICU Premature Baby Clothes For Boys

When it comes to neonatal baby clothes the choice is often very limited and never more so when buying for premature baby boys. So here at Prem2Pram we are pleased to be able to bring you our latest NICU premature baby boys outfit.

Neonatal preemie baby boys outfitPreemie baby boys clothes


A cute little preemie wrap over shirt with Velcro fastening hand made from 100% cotton Beatrix Potter fabric and matching nappy cover /shorts and to complete the outfit a super soft cotton interlock incubator hat which can be personalised with baby’s name. X-Ray safe so there is no need to undress baby.

These premature baby boys neonatal sets have been designed exclusively for Prem2Pram by Hampshire’s premier premature baby clothes designer and will soon be available in the following fabrics: John Deere, Super Sports, Snoopy, Rocket Dog, The Tire Team and in cotton fleece fabric Ice Hockey.  Bookmark us to keep abreast of our new and exclusive exciting designs.

For all your premature baby clothes and accessories please visit Prem2Pram the on line baby store.

No longer wearing premature baby clothes

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My grandson Lucas who was born on the 12th June 2009 weighing 4lbs 13½ ozs.

premature Baby Lucas

He is now 15 months and is no longer wearing premature baby clothes, he has had a growth spurt and is now wearing clothes ages 12 to 18 months.

Lucas and Kerry

What a difference 15 months makes, you would never know that Lucas was once in premature baby clothes.

If you have recently had a premature baby born into your family then please visit Prem2Pram the online premature baby store.

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Seamless hand knitted premature baby cardigans

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A premature baby’s skin is so delicate that it can be far more easily damaged than that of a full term baby, with this in mind we have introduced a new range of premature baby cardigans.

Each cardigan is hand knitted in one piece using the softest baby wool, this method of knitting removes the need for seams, which makes the cardigan much kinder to babies delicate seam, unlike traditional cardigans that have seams at the sides and along the sleeves.

Seamless preemie baby cardigan

Images showing no seams

premature baby clothes

prem baby clothes

multi coloured baby cardigan

At prem2pram we offer a wider choice of colours and not just the traditional blue and pink. Each premature baby cardigan is a slightly different pattern; therefore no two are exactly the same, making for a more unique gift.  The above cardigans are in size 3-5lbs, we will be adding smaller sizes in the near future.  To see our full range of premature baby clothes and gifts please visit our main website www.prem2pram.co.uk

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Our latest baby fabrics

We are very excited about our latest consignment of fabrics, as the majority of this consignment will be used to make our new range of NICU ‘Trendies’.

Below are a few pictures of some of the fabric in this particular consignment; I just love the Sesame Street fabric and the blue rocket dog fabric.

pink bear fabric

Wavy Bear Pink

Blue teddy bear fabric

Wavy Bear Blue

Pink With White Butterflies Fabric

Pink With White Butterflies Fabric

White Sesame Street Fabric

Peter Rabbit Fabric

Blue Peter Rabbit Fabric

Green Sports Fabric

Sports Fabric

Blue rocket dog fabric

Rocket Dog Fabric

Blue Rabbit Fabric

Rabbit Fabric

White With Silver Stars Fabric

White With Silver Stars Fabric

I don’t want to give anything away, but we are really buzzing at Prem2Pram as we have lots of new lines in the pipeline and we just know that parents are going to love all of our new range.

Our NICU ‘Trendies’ are set to be one of our hot products, with their versatility and style they are suitable for baby boys and girls, some think of them as a gowns, we like to think of them as trend setters hence the name NICU ‘Trendies.’

To see our full range of premature baby clothes and accessories visit us at Prem2Pram http://www.prem2pram.co.uk

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